‘The colours of wine’ Art Series:

New Era, as a brand, has over the last few years has been planting and producing lesser known alternative varieties, including Touriga Nacional (a Portuguese variety that in 2019 we produced a Vintage Port from), Sangiovese (the workhorse of the Chianti region) and Tempranillo (which produces the stunning aged wines of the Rioja region in Spain). We have been championing these varieties in the trade as they are varieties with an outstanding reputation for producing exceptional wines in the regions of Europe where they are grown and are very quickly becoming more popular and mainstream here in Australia.  In 2019 we added Montepulciano, Nero D Avola and Nebbiolo in small quantities to this stable of old-world alternate varieties.

      With these new varieties it was decided that there was a opportunity to reflect a more contemporary style with our labelling. At about the same time that we commenced  thinking about redesign options we were introduced to Dan Tomkins, a local artist who has previously commissioned work for a select few wineries in the region.  We liked the style of his artwork and were keen to collaborate with him in the design for these alternate varietal wines. This collaboration has created an abstract artwork series ‘The Colours of Wine’, with each design representing an individual variety and the characteristics and flavours associated with it.  So far we have commissioned 4 different artworks for Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Touriga Nacional and Syrah with more designs in the pipeline.


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