Spring Release Six Pack:

It has been a very turbulent 9 months at New Era Vineyards.  There was a time in January when where we were unsure if we would be able to source any fruit, let alone access the necessary wine making facilities to produce the wines to meet our quality standards.  We are so appreciative of all the support we have received since the bushfire – from grape growers to winery owners, who have enabled us to produce our ‘Spring Release’ range of wines. We are in a position to release two white wines and a dry rose in time for a glorious start to Spring.   This release includes a crisp, fruit driven Pinot Grigio from the Limestone Coast, a funky, creamy, nutty, Gruner Veltliner from Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills and a classy Dolcetto Rose sporting a new label and unique bottle with the fruit also sourced from the Limestone Coast.  These three wines are new inclusions to the ‘colours of the variety’ Art Series and have individually designed artwork developed and painted by talented artist, Dan Tomkins, and round out the series to now comprise seven varieties.

Spring Release Six Pack Contains:

  • 2 x 2020 Pinot Grigio
  • 2 x 2020 Gruner Veltliner
  • 2 x 2020 Dolcetto Rose

Cost = $130.00 (value $149.94 + free postage to capital cities)

Spring Release Six Pack $130.00

Pinot Grigio 2020:

Tasting Notes:   This wine exhibits a bouquet of white blossom and hints of pure lemon and grapefruit, while the palate reveals ripe, delicious apple, pear and peach flavours.

Picking Date: 21st of February 2020

Grape source: Wirrega Vineyard (Limestone Coast, near Bordertown)

Winemaking Notes:  2.5 tonnes of Pinot Grigio fruit was machine harvested in the cool of night from the Wirrega Vineyard near Bordertown on the Limestone coast.  The fruit was destemmed and then delicately pressed under anaerobic conditions to extract only the finest free run juice, which was then sent to tank where it was settled for 24 hours. The clear fraction of juice was fermented in a temperature controlled, stainless steel tank with a specific white wine yeast (strain QA23) which is known for producing fresh fruit focussed wines with floral and passionfruit characters.  After stabilisation the wine was lightly fined using Casein (the principal protein in milk) to remove any residual bitterness. The wine was sterile filtered prior to bottling in order to eliminate the potential for any yeast or bacterial spoilage in the bottle.

Gruner Veltliner 2020:

Tasting Notes:  A lime, grapefruit and white peppery bouquet leads to a palate that is medium in weight and displaying rich, textured layers of lemon, honey, nuts and a faint creaminess.

Picking Date: 8th March 2020

Grape source: Longview Vineyard (Macclesfield, Adelaide Hills)

Winemaking Notes:  2 tonnes of Gruner grapes were handpicked from Longview Vineyard in Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills.  After being destemmed it was sent to the press for a light pressing to extract the best free run juice which was split into two parcels. One portion was sent to tank where it was settled before fermentation in stainless steel to produce clean, crisp characters of white peach, lime and grapefruit. The second portion was filled into oak barrels and allowed to undergo a wild fermentation on solids. This treatment has resulted in wine with a mid-palate richness – with honey and nutty characters evident. The two parcels were blended together following fermentation and have produced a very sophisticated, richly flavoured and attractive, complex wine.  Following stabilisation, the wine was lightly fined using Casein to remove any potential harshness from the wild ferment in barrel and sent for sterile filtration prior to bottling.

Dolcetto Rose 2020:

Tasting Notes:  This wine displays a fragrant bouquet of crushed rose petals and strawberries complemented by an attractive and textured palate of sweet violet, cranberry and cherry fruit.

Picking Date:  21st February 2020

Grape source: Wirrega Vineyard (Limestone Coast, near Bordertown)

Winemaking notes:  3 tonnes of Dolcetto fruit was machine harvested at 11.5 beaume during the cool of night to preserve fruit characters. The timing of harvest is critical in order to realise the cherry and cranberry characters and retain the fragrances desired in our Rose wine. The fruit was destemmed and sent immediately to the bag press where the free run juice was collected – resulting in a juice displaying only a tinge of pink extracted from the skins. Fermentation was conducted at low temperatures in order to preserve the fresh varietal characters of the Dolcetto fruit. The wine was sterile filtered prior to bottling.

Spring Release Six Pack $130.00

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