New Era Vineyards Pine Green Hooded Jumpers:

New Era Vineyards branded Pine Green Hooded Jumpers are now available.  The first in a continuing series of releases which are Screen printed on AS Colour clothing with a design 'Balancing Barrel's' is the new label design for our new Barrel Select Shiraz 2018.

This project ‘Balancing Barrels’ is a representation of a new label design in the New Era Vineyards stable and will replace the current 'Barrel Select' label range with more designs bottling currently.  Each artwork in this series has been hand designed and shaped by Todd Engelsma and Iain Baxter to represent Oak Barrel's and the interment connection and influence they have over a finished wine to create a superior rounded vino.

The first new design in the series is ‘Balancing Barrels’ which represents in abstract artwork how important ‘Balance’ is in a finished wine.

Sizing Guide: All Hoodies are AS Colour Stencil Hood 5102 in Pine Green Link to AS Colour website: 5102 Stencil Hood | Sweatshirts | Men / Unisex | AS Colour
Cost $69.99

New Era 'Balancing Barrel's' Hoodie Small:

New Era Balancing Barrel's Hoodie medium:

New Era 'Balancing Barrel's' Hoodie Large:

New Era 'Balancing Barrel's' Hoodie X Large:

New Era 'Balancing Barrel's' Hoodie XX Large:

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