Bushfire Information


Cuddle Creek Bushfire Devastates New Era Vineyards


On Friday December 20th the New Era vineyard located in the Adelaide Hills was devastated by the Cuddlee Creek fire. In addition to the destruction of 35 acres of vines and infrastructure, all of the property’s shedding, winemaking equipment, 40 hogsheads of 2019 wine and 500 dozen of cellar matured bottle stock were lost.  Attempts to recover from this misfortune are currently underway with replacement of vineyard infrastructure being the initial priority; necessary if we are to generate product required to support the New Era brand.

Remains of the winery setup with forklift and basket press along with a charred wine tank….

Three pallets of glass converted into a modern art piece I am thinking the bidding should start at $25,000…

CFS try and save the vineyard only in vain…..

The wine cellar burns, wine bottles are exploding under the pressure of the flames and heat and are throwing glass all round the backyard…






This video of this burning pine tree on fire was taken three days after the fire swept through Pfeiffer Rd it took 5 days and over 3000 litres of water to put it out…..

The sorry site of the vineyard after the fires barely leaving anything unburnt…



A view from on top of the hill on Christmas day not a very pretty site….






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