‘Art Collaboration’ Shiraz 2016

Around the middle of 2018 I was having a chat with Chris Crebbin (aka Burthurmarr, a prominent Adelaide Aboriginal Artist and Environmental Activist) about a bit of everything, when we started reflecting on how lucky we were to be able to live and experience the unique tranquillity and beauty of the Adelaide Hills (Chris lives in Norton Summit). We are so fortunate to have such a pristine environment so close to the Adelaide city.  Then it happened, one of those light bulb moments, as we both thought of the idea of collaborating together to create a wine and art piece that depicts the splendour of the Adelaide Hills through a wine label.  

      This special edition Shiraz has been released in recognition of the unique cultural legacy of the Peramangk peoples that have inhabited the Adelaide Hills for over 50,000 years and the distinctive environmental and ecological heritage of this region.  New Era Vineyards together with renowned local artist Chris Crebbin, aka Burthurmarr, have collaborated to capture and express in the form of Art and Wine this unique fusion of our cultural, social and natural heritages.

“This painting is called Koala Sunrise and within this artwork the message that I am conveying is that, like the Koala, you don’t have to be from the country to have a connection with it. It’s about the inner-connectivity of all living things”. Burthurmarr
        Tasting Notes:  Succulent red berries combine with restrained toasty oak to create a sensual bouquet.   The palate is a combination of cool climate spicy varietal characters mixed with fleshy red and black berry fruits, liquorice and cracked pepper.

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