Art Series Dolcetto Rose 2024

Originating in the Northwest of Italy in the famed Piedmont region which has similar cool climate characteristics of the Southeast where the fruit for this wine is sourced, Dolcetto is perfect for the production of lighter Rose style wines and its name actually means ‘Little Sweet One’.  This wine displays a fragrant bouquet of crushed rose petals and strawberries complemented by an attractive and textured palate of sweet violet, cranberry and cherry fruit.
Food Matches:             This wine is best served chilled as an aperitif or alternatively would perfectly accompany a variety of Thai, Indian and Middle Eastern food.
Gape Sourcing Notes:  Werriga Vineyard located on the seaside of Mundulla and was chosen as a source of replacement fruit during the challenging 2020 vintage, and we have been very impressed with the quality of fruit from this location.  It experiences very similar cooler climatic condition’s very similar to that of the Adelaide Hills.   It also aligns with the new direction of the New Era wine band in showcasing some new experimental varietals to the Australian public.
Vintage Report 2024:   The 2024 vintage was the coolest vintage in over a decade but with a small crop the quality is high with the smaller crop helping ripen it up in what was a marginal year in the cooler area’s such as the Adelaide Hills and the Southeast. “Just as flowering started, the south-easterly winds began to blow persistently and with moderate strength. These cold winds were generated in the low latitudes of the Great Southern Ocean, bringing up cold air from the fringes of Antarctica to the top edge of expansive high-pressure systems, sweeping counterclockwise along the southern coastline of Australia. The small percentage of fully pollinated flowers grew into normal berries with a complement of 1–4 seeds. They are the hens of the ‘hen and chicken’ syndrome more properly called millerandage. The frustrating aspect of poor flowering in 2024 is that the positive SAM has delivered a mild, even cool, growing season as it had for the previous four vintages starting with 2020. The quality of cool, dry vintages is high, creating intense but delicate grape flavours, bright colours for reds and lively natural acids to balance moderate alcohol levels. And indeed 2024 has been cool, at average degree-day summations up to the end of March. February and March have been completely devoid of rain, so, accelerated by the low crops and a warm March, harvest was completed in perfect autumn weather in mid-March exactly one month earlier than the very cool 2023 harvest.” (Brian Croser 2024)    
Winemaking Notes:  4.3 tones of fruit were machine harvested in the cool of night from the Wirrega Vineyard near Mundulla on the Limestone coast.  The fruit was destemmed and then delicately pressed under anaerobic conditions to extract only the finest free run juice, which was then sent to tank where it was settled for 24 hours. The clear fraction of juice was fermented in a temperature controlled, stainless steel tank with a specific Rhone wine yeast Lavlin ICV CRE.  Originally selected for the fermentation of Grenache, LALVIN ICV GRE™ contributes fruity aromas and easy-to-drink Rhône-style wines, particularly red and rosé wines. A quick starting steady fermenter, LALVIN ICV GRE™ is recommended for a range of varieties, The yeast promotes spicy, strawberry and confectionary characters with estery notes. Enhanced production of ethyl esters reinforces the fruit aroma of red wine.  Bottled with minimal Sulphides and Vegan Friendly natural fining agents.  
Harvest Date:             26th of Febraury 2024      Bottling Date:             29th of May 2024
Alcohol:                      11.5%                          Drinking Window:     2024-2028
pH:                              3.02                                 Total Acidity:               7.13
Vegan Friendly:          Yes                             Cases Produced:         299
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Six Pack:$144.99


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